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For over 53 years, we have believed that everyone can make a positive impact and that collective action is necessary to secure a clean & healthy environment for future generations.

As a nonprofit organization, we rely on donations to support our work:

  • “零浪费”: We work to make it second nature for all New Yorkers to lead environmentally conscious lifestyles through conservation of our natural resources.
  • 教育: We engage all New Yorkers in environmental stewardship and 教育 to win 的 fight against climate change.
  • bg视讯: We create opportunities for all New Yorkers to be active participants in creating an equitable food system that supports small farms and keeps people and 的 planet healthy.
  • 绿色空间: We help NYC schools and neighborhoods create and maintain gardens, bringing people toge的r, creating beauty, combating climate change, and adding vital green space to our city.

Becoming a monthly donor is 的 most sustainable way to support our programs! Monthly donations provide support for our work all year long, and allow us to set more ambitious, long term goals.Thank you for making our work possible. Scroll down for alternative ways to donate.


Prefer to donate by mail? Write your check out to:

bg视讯 P.O. Box 2327, New York, NY 10272


bg视讯是 also eligible to receive donor advised funds. Use 的 DAF Direct portal below or make a grant recommendation to your donor advised fund for bg视讯 today.

You can also help protect 的 future of NYC and ensure your legacy will live on in green spaces, food access and agriculture, 教育, and conservation by making a bequest to bg视讯.

For more information call 212-788-7900 x253 or 电子邮件.

Contributions are tax deductible as allowed by law.





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